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Friday, June 17, 2011


Judge. Does that word give you the heebie-jebbies? Maybe if you have to appear in court for a DUI or something worse, but how does the word judge make you feel when you submit a manuscript to a contest?

First and foremost you must realize a judge is not out to get you.(especially if you receive low scores). They read works blind--no names attached. Most judges have a criteria they are looking for. Not their own agenda, but one that is meant to improve your writing.

PLUS, your writing helps judges.

I've just finished preliminary judging for a romance contest. This is the second time I've done this. Good experience or bad? Good. By reading other writers' works, I can see what works, what doesn't. I see weak heroines/heros, strong heroines/heros. I see interesting plots with lots of twists. I can see how a great hook pulls me into the story. I can see when secondary characters are pulling too much weight or even adding confusion to the story. Bottom line, being a judge helps me improve my writing.

Have you been a judge? Good experience? Bad? What have you learned from it? If you haven't been a judge, what have you learned from a judge's comments?

The Irresistible Blog Award

I never thought to get a blog award, but here I am, nominated by http:// ridingwrite.blogspot.com for this “ahem,” prestigious award. Thank you, D'Ann. I only hope I can return the favor sometime. The requirements for this illustrious award are 1) Have a blog; 2) Post seven random facts about yourself that will only get you in a small amount of trouble with the powers that be; 3) Pass the award along to seven more worthy vict…fantastic bloggers; and 4) Be sure to tell everyone who nominated you by linking back to moi! Since http://ripplesinastream/.blogspot.com is a blog, I have fulfilled the most strenuous requirement for this award. Requirement #2 is below.

1. My favorite food is mashed potatoes.

2. I would like to live in a BIG log home in the mountains.

3. I would love to have a date with Eric Roberts or Andrew McCarthy.

4. I love to laugh, which I don't get to do hardly at all.

5. I have a secret desire to fix the world.

6. When I was young--sigh--I wanted to be an actress.

7. I like to cook and at one time wanted to go the the prestigious School of Culinary Arts.

8. Fantasy: to live in Liberace's mansion where I could sit and listen to him play piano all day/everyday.

And now for requirement number 3: And the Winners Are–

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2. Stephanie Barko http://stephaniebarko.com/

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