A Writer's Journey through the Maze of Life


Someone always wants to know the personal stuff. Here's random stuff:

Likes: Cats-Big as Tigers, Mountain Lions, etc. to stray housecats, Dogs--especially Huskies, Samoyeds, Malamutes, Jindos, Akitas,Indian Tacos, Pow-wows, Mountains, Seashores, Nature, Music-especially New Age, Reuben Sandwiches, Mashed Potatoes, Rodeo, Reading, Traveling, Losing Weight, Autumn and Winter.

Dislike: Summer, Crowds, Pushy People, People who can't say Thank You, Oysters, People who can't remove their hat or place their hand over their heart during the National Anthem, The shape I'm in, Insects, Snakes, Talking on the Phone, The Road our Country is Going Down.

Favorite Food(s): Reuben Sandwiches, Mashed Potatoes, Salmon Patties, Carrot Cake, Tossed Salad.

Favorite Drink: Marguerita

Favorite Color(s): Fuschia, Teal, Turquoise

Favorite Places: Great Lakes, South Dakota, Estes Park, CO

Favorite Actor: Changes with the times--currently: Robert Duvall, Andrew McCarthy or Eric Roberts.

Favorite Actress: ?

Favorite Movie(s): Dances With Wolves, Gone with the Wind, Grumpy Old Men, The Horse Whisperer, Thunderheart.

Favorite Books: Children of the Earth Remember by Schim Schimmel. Why? Beautiful artwork with a fantastic environmental message.

Moulin Rouge by Pierre La Mure. Why? A poignant story of a great artist cursed by a loveless life.

Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody. Why? A truly courageous woman flees the dictates and confines of the Islamic way of life. This is a story every woman should read, especially in these times when Islam and Sharia law are subtlely being pushed upon us.

Anything by Nicholas Sparks. Why? The man must be a true romantic to write such great love stories.

Favorite TV show: None

Favorite TV Actor/Personality: Glenn Beck