A Writer's Journey through the Maze of Life

Monday, March 21, 2011


Okay, my followers and newcomers, today's blog is short and sweet. I want INPUT. While it is imperative for a nonfiction writer or technical writer to access many sources for facts, how much research does a fiction writer need to do? Just enough to answer a few questions? Enough to get a complete grasp of a subject? How much of that info should be used? Is too much info in a novel detrimental? Let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yoo-hoo. Yes, you. The writer sitting on your butt for long hours in front of a computer screen. What are you doing for your health? While most of us can tolerate TB (tired butt) few of us handle the upper body aches associated with long hours of writing very well.
It is recommended you break for ten minutes every hour. Think of it as a commercial break. It is the time to go get your coffee, check the mail, make a phone call, etc. But you can also use the following quick exercises to help get and keep the kinks out:
1) Push yourself away from the computer. Roll your neck to the side so your ear touches your shoulder (or as close as you can). Raise it straight. Roll to other side. Raise. Roll it down. Up. Back. Front. Repeat 3-4 times
2) Stand up. Shrug your shoulders up and down 3-4 times. Roll your shoulders back, forward.
3)Do NOT look at the computer doing this next one. Look out the window or at the wall. Raise your eyes up, down, right, left 3-4 times.
What do you to keep in shape as a writer?