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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Did you know mistletoe has around since ancient times? Romans thought these parasitic evergreens promised new life and would decorate their homes and temples with it. Europeans thought it a healing plant good for many ills including infertility, nervous disorders and toothache. The Scandanavians believed it to hold evil powers at first until some point in history when it became a symbol of peace and good will.

Long considered sacred because it grew between heaven and earth, just where does mistletoe grow? High in boughs of such trees as poplars, hawthorns, maples and occasionally oak. Here in the Ozarks it is common to mistake a mistletoe bough for a birds nest. Unfortunately, one doesn't find mistletoe in the stores much anymore. I suspect it is difficult to harvest and it's been proven the berries are poisonous.

But where did kissing under the mistletoe begin? It is thought to be of British origin. Yes, those staid Brits who enjoyed greeting one another with a kiss adopted kissing under the mistletoe in the eighteenth century. Several beliefs were associated with it, one being that each time a boy kissed a girl under the mistletoe, he must pluck one of the berries. When no berries remained, kissing was over. Another claim was to refuse a kiss under the mistletoe meant one could not marry in the next twelve months. Many other beliefs rose up through the centuries, but it became quite customary for a couple to kiss under the mistletoe. Perfect for a romance.

Candace Kane carries on an online acquaintance with "hottie" Travis Montgomery only to find when he invites her to Colorado for Christmas they've both "fudged" their personal info. What to do? Surprises abound and each must come to terms with reality. When a fitness instructor starts flirting with Travis, Candy's attentions turn to gorgeous Donnan McLachlan. Soon, she's confused which man she wants. Can she love two men? Who wins? Read Marry Me Under the Mistletoe available through Amazon.com.

Author C J Clark writes from the Ozark foothills and a complete bio is available on her website: www.cjclark.webs.com

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Just a note to let you know I'm moving the blog over to my webpage: www.cjclark.webs.com
Temporary because I'm not sure I like how the pages are set up over there. I could end up coming back here, but for now, look for me at www.cjclark.webs.com Thanks for following!