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Friday, September 7, 2012




Lake Michiga

As a former Michigander I can tell you all kinds of wonderful things about Michigan--the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, parks, zoos, u-pick fruit farms, entertainment centers, festivals, the Great Lakes.

Maybe you'd like a dune buggy ride on the sand dunes at Mears, MI.
Or maybe a riverboat cruise.

Michigan has its share of festivals and fairs also. One of my favorite things about Michigan are the beaches and lighthouses. I suppose I come by this naturally. My father loved to go to the beach and as he enjoyed painting, sketching, and photography he loved to walked the shorelines until he found a lighthouse he could sketch. . Since I was "daddy's girl" I always wanted to tag along.

Now that I live in Arkansas I can truly say I miss the diversity of Michigan. Oftentimes, we have thought of moving away from Arkansas and although I've always said I would not move east of the Mississippi again for anything. Unfortunately, economic times are hard and the housing market is down. With Michigan's economy so poor, the housing market there is extremely affordable. Wouldn't it be a wonderful mecca for seniors? It could be the new Florida. The only downfall to this brainstorm of mine is taxes. Michigan has high taxes. If only I could get the governor or someone in the state government to latch on to my idea and  lower the taxes, perhaps droves of people would move to Michigan. Are you there Governor? Hello? Hello?

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